Starting on Oct. 19th, Maderas will be offering dual dining concepts and experiences on Wednesdays when it introduces Sycamore Valley Wine Dinners.

The wine dinners will run in conjunction with Maderas’ regular Burger Night but offer its own separate experience with a unique setting and menu.

The Napa Valley-inspired Sycamore Valley wine diners will take place on the terrace next to Sunset Rock and feature farmhouse style-seating at four large wooden tables. The entrée will be served straight from a grill situated on the terrace and be enjoyed al’ fresco and beneath the ambience of sunset giving way to the night sky illuminated under bistro lighting.

The four-course meals will consist of a range of meats, fruits, cheese and vegetables and other premium pairings that wine connoisseurs have come to enjoy and expect at Maderas.

The new wine dinners allow Maderas to serve those dedicated dining patrons in new and unique ways that are unlike any other dining experience in North County.

Maderas General Manager Michael Flickinger said the wine diners will expand the dining experience for dining patrons and make use of an underutilized but romantic setting at Maderas.

“It’s actually a very beautiful area because it overlooks the lake,” Maderas General Manager Michael Flickinger said. “There’s an ambiance there. The events should have a soft, almost romantic feel.”

The winemakers for the inaugural event are Pine Ridge Dijon Clones and Forefront, two brands Maderas patrons know well, but Flickinger added, “We’ll feature a rotation of wine offerings.”

The wine tasting option will add $15 to the $39 dinners. The kickoff dinner will offer a choice of prime flat iron steak, herb-marinated jidori chicken breast, Kurobuta pork chop or tuna as an entrée.

Flickinger noted that the initial dinner will coincide with harvest and offer patrons a chance to enjoy a locally sourced “bounty.”

The dinners will be complemented by their own outdoor entertainment and heaters, including a fire pit. Blankets will be provided for comfort on cooler evenings.

Flickinger reiterated that Burger Night will continue and the two dining events will be offered jointly into 2017.

“They will be two separate dining experiences. They will not co-mingle,” he said. “.And we need guests to please designate which one they are attending when they make their reservations.”

The dinners will have a capacity of up to 48. Call 858.217.2561 for reservations, and we hope to see you on the 19th!