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Whether you’re a local, a visitor or a newbie to San Diego, there’s a lot to know about America’s Finest City. We’re not here to tell it all, only to provide a few insightful tidbits about San Diego and the San Diego experience, be it golf, hiking, touring or planning a vacation to a city that had a record year for tourism in 2015. That’s only a factual appetizer. The real post starts … now.

San Diego County is roughly the size of Connecticut – According to Wikipedia, Connecticut is technically 1,000 miles larger … but how much ocean is San Diego being credited? San Diego is a big place – bigger than you might expect – the ocean seems to make it even larger. We’ll factor a little water weight into the map and call it a draw. San Diego stretches to the ocean on the south and west, into the desert and mountains on the east and bumps into Orange County on the North.

There’s a lot going on in one place, which is some of what the rest of the post will clue you in on. So what else do San Diego and the Constitution State (Connecticut) have in common? Umm. Well. Umm …

San Diego has 260 hiking trails – Related fact: The book that details San Diego’s trails, “Take A Hike,” is 594 pages. It’s written by Priscilla Lister, a local travel and outdoor writer. Yes, you can find a great hike in San Diego, be it near the beach, in the desert or through the mountains. There are hiking trails near Maderas, including the one to the locally famous Potato Chip Rock via Mount Woodson.

You could declare Maderas the 261st hike, but there’s no walking at Maderas due to the elevation change. However, we do offer GolfBoard

San Diego now has more microbreweries than golf courses – Our craft brewery count recently surpassed 120, while the county’s number of golf courses hovers around 90. The opportunities to catch a beer after your round seem to grow by the month as San Diego’s craft beer industry, particularly along the Highway 78 corridor in North County, continues to boom. The 78, dubbed the Hops Highway, isn’t as famous as the 101 yet, but the competition is brewing.

The average international stay in San Diego is 17 days – This factoid was gleaned from the 2016 annual meeting of the San Diego Tourism Authority, which gleefully reported a record year for tourism in San Diego in 2015 (34 million visitors). In particular, San Diego is becoming a popular destination for Asian tourists. Believe us, especially if you’re a first-timer, there’s plenty of fill up a 17-day stay in San Diego, including a few rounds of golf. Tourists spent $10 billion in San Diego in 2015. Thank you!

There are more than 60,000 hotel rooms in San Diego – Many of them are managed by Maderas’ some 45 partner hotels – and there are more rooms coming online in 2016. Those 45 hotels offer many unique ways to stay in San Diego everywhere from Coronado Island to downtown to North County. No matter where you are in San Diego, Maderas has a free concierge program that will happily transport you to the course. Our concierge offerings recently added a Tesla to the fleet. We’re 40 minutes away from downtown, and a ride in a Tesla is a memorable and stylish way to cover the distance. You can reserve your ride here.

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The first outdoor Christmas Lights were at the Hotel Del Coronado – And Hotel Del is now adorned with near 100,000 Christmas lights each December. The tree where it all started remains out front and is recognized with a plaque.

Here’s the history from the Hotel Del’s website – “In 1904, The Del – already considered a technological marvel – made history when it unveiled the world’s first electrically lit, outdoor living Christmas tree. Holiday lights were strung from the hotel to a nearby Norfolk Island Pine. Although indoor trees were popular in America by this time, electric Christmas lights were a rarity (candles were still commonplace).”

Whether you’re into history, hiking, golfing or just enjoying the beach, San Diego has something for everyone in its spacious and diverse county confines. Where will your San Diego adventure take you?