In conjunction with the roll out of four new GolfBoards, Maderas is launching some new marketing initiatives that will allow our GolfBoarders to commemorate the experience and entice more golfers to come surf the Earth with us.

The new efforts began with the creation of GolfBoard logo (above) by Elevator Inc. in Carlsbad specifically for Maderas that is about to become prevalent at the club and in our social media marketing. Among other things, the logo already appears on an outdoor sign promoting GolfBoard rentals and a surfboard selfie station that will encourage golfers to celebrate and share their experience. The logo will also eventually appear on t-shirts and bag tags commemorating and promoting the GolfBoard experience.

General Manager Michael Flickinger said the new marketing initiatives further definitely brand Maderas as the home of GolfBoard in San Diego.

“We want people to have souvenirs that commemorate their GolfBoard experience at Maderas,” he said.


The rental rate of the new boards has confirmed the demand, which Flickinger said is still largely untapped.

“We still believe there are a lot of golfers out there who haven’t had the chance to try it and we want to let them know that is available and a great new way to experience the game,” he said.

And Maderas will continue to promote the boards through social media, where the content generates high traffic and enthusiastic comments. A renter of the boards on July 4th left a comment on Instagram that “GolfBoards have changed the golf game forever!”

That passion and enthusiasm is what Maderas is trying to capture and celebrate with its new initiatives, Flickinger said, as well as continuing to capitalize on the novelty and newness of the GolfBoard experience. Stay tuned for a social media video series showing GolfBoard at iconic locations you will likely recognize in San Diego.

Maderas is still encouraging advance reservations of the boards. To book, please contact our golf shop at 858.451.8100.