What’s a GolfBoard?

A GolfBoard is a sort of motorized skateboard you use in place of a golf cart.

GolfBoards are powered by environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries and can travel up to 12 miles per hour. You break and accelerate with a bar-mounted thumb throttle, and you turn by gently shifting your body from side to side.

GolfBoards are designed to optimize safety and ease of use. They are very intuitive to control, and a parking brake is automatically activated the second you step off. You can drive a GolfBoard over virtually any terrain, from steep slopes to loose gravel.

If a GolfBoard reminds you of a surfboard, that’s because it was invented by 83-year-old fitness fanatic Don Wildman in an attempt to get his buddy—surfing legend Laird Hamilton—out on the links. Hamilton liked the idea so much he became a cofounder.


Why Golfboard?

GolfBoards are affordable, easy to ride, and feel a bit like skateboarding or surfing—two verbs never before associated with golf. Instead of doubling up in a golf cart and chasing your partner’s mulligans all over the course, more and more golfers are opting for the freedom and fun of cruising around on a GolfBoard. With everyone jetting to their own balls, it isn’t hard to see why GolfBoards dramatically speed up the pace of play—the average round of GolfBoard golf only takes 2 hours and 37 minutes!

As if massive time savings weren’t enough, riding a GolfBoard is far more active activity than riding a golf cart—you don’t have the luxury of sitting down between every shot (as they say, “sitting is the new smoking.”) Freedom, fun, and fitness are three reasons why GolfBoards were PGA’s Best New Product in 2014, and have even been called “the greatest invention in golf since the graphite shaft.”

Far from tearing up the golf course, GolfBoards use the same turf tires found on a golf cart, and deliver an average of 800 pounds less stress to fairways than golf carts (due to a solo rider and a lighter vehicle).


If every golf course offered GolfBoards, golf would be the most popular sport in the world.
— Stina Sternberg, Golf Digest Global Golf Director


Who Uses Them? Are they Safe?

People of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy surfing the earth on a GolfBoard. There is no age limit or fitness requirement—if you can play golf, you can ride a GolfBoard. In fact, GolfBoards are considerably safer than golf carts. Since a GolfBoard’s center of gravity is so close to the ground, it is all but impossible to flip one over. And since you’re steering with your body, you have better reaction time. And if you were to somehow get in trouble, you could simply….step off. GolfBoards have been extensively tested for safety and verified to the highest standards. There have been zero recorded injuries in over a million golfboard rounds.

GolfBoards are just the exciting change the game of golf has long (and sorely) needed. To see what all the fuss is about, come to Maderas Golf Club. We’re currently the only course in San Diego offering GolfBoards. Book your tee time and come surf the Earth!