When Maderas brought GolfBoard to San Diego last March, it wasn’t looking to change the golf experience as much as expand it. That vision included new playing experiences, new players and a new appreciation for the game, especially amongst a younger generation of golfers.

Six months later, we’re proud to say GolfBoard has provided all of that, and that’s why Maderas has doubled its commitment to GolfBoard by expanding our fleet to eight and is proud to be a home to GolfBoard in San Diego.

If you haven’t had the GolfBoard experience with us yet, here are eight reasons to come, as we say, surf the Earth at Maderas.

Fun/Novelty – It takes about three holes or four holes for golfers to get their GolfBoard legs underneath them, but once they do, they seem to play with a smile that even a double bogey can’t wipe away. With comfort comes confidence and the ability to move freely, easily and enjoyably around the course in a way you likely never have before … and that’s the front nine. The back is a new nine and a stretch of long and mostly straight holes that allow you to freelance a bit. It’s usually by this time that you see boarders turning circles and seeking out terrain to explore like skiers looking for a mogul. The ultimate endorsements come from our boarders who hop off after 18 and want to rent again, a request we’ll now be more able to readily accommodate.

You Like To Surf/Snowboard/Skate – GolfBoard was designed with the surfing experience in mind – hence the #surftheearth hashtag – and indeed the surf culture has caught the wave at Maderas. The fact that GolfBoard is more operated by foot than by hand is what escapes many first-timers but not surfers and other participants in similar foot-powered athletic endeavors. To them, it comes naturally and they’re quickly cruising down the course like it’s a snowy slope, concrete sidewalk or big wave. And newcomers to GolfBoard will find it a bit of a workout, or at least a more active experience than driving a cart.

Improved Pace of Play – In our pace-conscious and time-pressed golf climate, GolfBoard has provided refreshing relief from some from the natural and un-natural delays of the game. According to GolfBoard officials, the average GolfBoard round takes 2 hours and 37 minutes; two of our pros played Maderas in 2:18 one day. GolfBoards have some natural pace advantages in that each can go directly to a ball and can save some time around the greens by being able to drive closer than a cart. Shaving seconds in golf to many is as valuable as shaving strokes. By that score, GolfBoard seems to be carrying a plus-handicap.

You See The Course In A New Way – This point comes directly from our members, who play our course regularly and know it well and report GolfBoard providing them new perspective to their favorite track. Maybe it’s because GolfBoard takes you in a new route around the course, kind of like changing how to drive to work, that it brings a different perspective. Maybe it’s the increased focus that comes with “surfing” as opposed to the more somewhat passive and patterned steering of a cart. For whatever reason, our members recount the boards reinventing the course for them a bit – and we’re happy to hear it.

Independence – When you share a cart with someone, you’re married to the outcome of their golf shots, in so much as you have to go to their ball too. Not so with GolfBoard. You can go directly to your ball, which is part of the where the boost to pace of play comes in. You can also seek your own unique path around the course. But will not sharing a cart with someone make it a less social experience? Not at all. Friends and golf groups enjoy learning to master the boards together and quickly relish the freedom and are bonded by the experience.

To Be The Envy Of Your Friends – Ah, golf, the sport of 1-UP. We’re always in a bit of good-natured match play of some sort with our golf buddies, aren’t we? Where have you played? What did you shoot? Who’s got the latest and greatest equipment? Well, you can add GolfBoard to that list. With roughly 150 courses nationally offering it, and only one public course in San Diego, you’re likely still be the first to surf the earth in most foursomes, even in golf-worldly California, for some time. That new GolfBoard smell – figurative – is still very much in the air at Maderas and being discovered by new players every day.

Great For Group Golf – But if you don’t want to beat your buddies, you can always join them, which many of our golfers do through invites via social media. Our Instagram videos of GolfBoard are all among our most viewed and often prompt tagging of friends for GolfBoard rounds, something we’ll now be more able to accommodate because …

We now have 8 – Among other things, we hope having eight boards greatly expands the possibilities for group golf. Now when you’ve got that guy’s group of between six and eight friends, we’ve got boards for everyone … as long as you reserve in advance. The waiting list for GolfBoard has been up to weeks at a time. We appreciate the interest and want to meet that demand and continue to expand the GolfBoard experience in San Diego. Maderas considers itself the home of GolfBoard in San Diego, and we see a bright future for GolfBoard and golf as part of the good life in Southern California.

You can reserve GolfBoard at Maderas by calling our award-winning golf shop at 858.451.8100.