Guys and golf go together like white on rice. Planning a guys golf weekend isn’t rocket science, but there are some crucial details to get right. Here are some foolproof tips.


1) Choose the right crew

Party animals may not mix well with the lights-out-by-nine crowd, and scratch golfers may not enjoy the company of total novices. Make sure everyone’s on the same page, with similar expectations for the trip. This will ensure things go smoothly.

2) Pick a destination with great weather (year-round)

Why take the chance of getting rained out? Why settle for anything less than paradise? San Diego has (objectively) the best weather in the United States. It’s as close to Pleasantville forecasts of “high 78, low 78” as the real world gets.

And as high-quality as San Diego courses are, they’re pretty affordable. Talk about a no-brainer.


3) Find a place with GolfBoards

This is a golfboard. It’s a sort of motorized skateboard that’s super easy to maneuver and travels up to 12 mph. GolfBoards are great because they dramatically speed up the pace of play (no more chasing your partner’s balls). The average round of GolfBoard golf only takes 2 hours and 37 minutes. Think of how many more holes you guys could fit in…

People of all ages and fitness levels can GolfBoard—heck, the guy who invented them was 83. GolfBoards have earned the highest possible safety ratings: there have been zero recorded injuries in over a million GolfBoard rounds. (How, you ask? A parking break activates the second you step off, and since they’re so low to the ground, it’s just about impossible to flip one.)


Not only do GolfBoards safely jack up the speed of play, but they’re just plain fun. It feels like you’re surfing or snowboarding all over the fairway—which is just as fun as it sounds. (Laird Hamilton is a cofounder, so you know it rocks.) Plus, GolfBoards give you a way better workout than a cart since you’re standing the whole time. Oh, and they’re affordable. It’s no wonder the GolfBoard was PGA’s Best New Product in 2014.

Most courses don’t have GolfBoards. Maderas does. We’ve got you covered.


4) Make sure there’s good craft beer.

A guys trip wouldn’t be a guys trip without beer. And beer standards have risen considerably in recent decades. Luckily, San Diego is brimming (pun intended) with fantastic craft breweries, like Ballast Point, Green Flash, and Stone (among many others). Which brings us to the fifth and final tip.


5) Pick a place close to good nightlife

It never hurts to have the option to hit some cool bars. Maderas Golf Club is a mere 25-minute Uber ride from San Diego’s vaunted GasLamp district, which has all the bar scene a rowdy group of men could hope for, and a little something for everyone.


There you have it. The voice of reason says to go to San Diego and ride GolfBoards. Book your San Diego GolfBoard guys trip today!