This November, Poway citizens will have the opportunity to vote on a measure that will give the Maderas Golf Club permission to begin the process of designing and building a hotel on our golf course property. “Measure W” will appear on the Nov. 8th ballot – and we need your support!

Maderas must win voter approval in order start the process. A “yes” vote for Measure W will give us the green light to begin these hotel development activities in an open and collaborative way, in close coordination with the City of Poway. Once Measure W passes, The City Council will have the final say on the design, which will adhere to the regulations outlined in the City’s municipal code.

Although we are not yet able to begin the design phase, we do have a vision for the hotel. Our vision includes a commitment to creating an environmentally sustainable facility that will blend in naturally with the Maderas Golf Course and the Old Coach Estates neighborhood, as well as enrich the character of the City in the Country.

It is estimated that this privately-funded project will generate $1.5 million dollars in Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) for the City of Poway — that’s three times more TOT than Poway receives today.

We look forward to beginning this exciting process with you. Vote YES on Measure W!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you proposing a hotel at Maderas Golf Club?

The Maderas Golf Club in Poway is one of the Top 100 courses in America, and a citizen-approved hotel at this location would ensure that Maderas remains a sustainable business. With a hotel, Maderas seeks to attract and serve visiting golfers and other overnight resort guests to further enhance the Maderas experience. Additionally, the hotel would give Poway residents access to a full-service, high-quality hotel within the city limits, while potentially generating $1.5 million dollars in Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) for the City of Poway.


Why does the ballot measure state the hotel will have 240 rooms?

Until Measure W passes and the hotel is designed, we will not know the exact room count of the hotel project. The actual hotel design and building specifications will be created in close coordination with the Poway community and City Council. As we researched this project, we found that a 240-room maximum would enable us to enhance our service amenities without significant impacts on traffic, noise, and air quality. The hotel ultimately will be 240 rooms, or less.

What is the basis for the two-story hotel height limit?

The two story height limit is established enforced by the City of Poway municipal code. Maderas will adhere to the municipal code and will not ask for any variances or exceptions for the hotel project.


Will the hotel project be environmentally sustainable?

Maderas Golf Club is an environmentally sensitive business that has been certified as an Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary for its proven ability to operate sustainably while enhancing wildlife habitat. No ground water will be used for the hotel, and any potable water needed will be purchased from the water district after a Water Supply Assessment (WSA) is done.


What additional city services will the hotel require?

Maderas will work with the City of Poway and the Sheriff Department to ensure that existing service levels are maintained for residents and guests alike. Services such as street operations, emergency response times and public safety. We also look forward to additional resident input on what is needed.


What happens if there’s a wildland fire?

The hotel will be built to current fire safety standards to ensure the safety of guests. There are two access roads out of the Old Coach Estates, Maderas’ neighborhood: Old Coach Road going south to Espola Rd., and an emergency access road leading north to Highland Valley Road. We will work with the fire authorities to further increase our fire safety measures, as necessary.


Why do you need my vote?

We need voter approval to begin our hotel design, development, and building process in coordination with YOU and city council.

Maderas is a sustainable and world-class golf course. We want to build a comparable serene and high-quality hotel. We can’t do it without you! Vote YES on Measure W to begin this exciting process together.


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For media inquiries, please contact Margie Newman at or 619-501-5172.