As you head to the polls to vote in what is expected to be one of our most historic elections ever, we at Maderas hope you consider supporting Measure W- an effort to start the process with the City of Poway to build a hotel on our golf course. We’d like you to think about not only the impact on Poway but how a hotel would transform the visitor experience at Maderas.

Already a global golf and wedding destination, a boutique hotel would make Maderas better able to serve its current clientele while also attracting new groups and guests who currently don’t consider Maderas because of a lack of lodging.

A hotel would add amenities, a place for mom and dad to stay when they visit, and an enhanced golfer experience. With a hotel on property, we would be able to attract group golfers, golf schools, and many more out of town golfers who often choose other courses so that they can stay and play in one place.

And let’s not forget weddings. Maderas is an increasingly popular spots for weddings, both local and destination. Wouldn’t it be nice for folks to stay at a hotel while enjoying our top notch facilities? And not drive their tourist dollars outside of our community?

Additional golfers and longer stays only add more to Poway’s bottom line. We estimate that a hotel will contribute $1 million or more to the Poway General Fund, annually. That’s money that can be used for parks, fire stations, and libraries.

We consider a hotel a win-win for the people of Poway, and that’s why we hope you vote Yes on Measure W!